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Do You Make Excuses?

When I was at the height of my autoimmune dis-ease, I had a whole bag full of excuses about why I couldn’t get well. In my head I would hear ‘it’s OK for them, they haven’t got a full time job’, or ‘I haven’t got time or money’, and ‘I can’t change my life because I’m not well enough to do it’.

The moment I understood that these were just excuses for not doing what I needed to do, I realised I was outsourcing the blame to other things, or people. It was empowering, as I realised that I’m the one responsible for my body, my mind and my life. Now when I feel excuses arising I know it’s because I am getting in the way. It is up to me to live the life I want and be the person I want to be…no one else!

In nature, things are always growing and dying and we are part of that natural world. We are either moving towards, or away from, our dream life. There’s nothing in the middle. None of us can stand still, we all have to ask ourselves if we are growing or dying.

So, if you find you are making excuses for not putting your health first, just as I once did, you need to ask yourself if you are you making it a priority? If not, sometimes your ego can arise when you are being pulled up (maybe it’s happening now as you are reading this!). This reaction can be particularly strong when you feel yourself being attacked and you don’t really want to accept the responsibility. 

If you are up for working on excuses in your life, then check out my three hints and tips below:

  1. Catch your excuses as they arise in your head and ask yourself if they are actually true.
  2. Start the day in the energy you want for the whole day. You can say out loud, or in your mind, ‘today is a great day’. You may even want to take a moment and visualise the day in your mind’s eye, going through everything that you have to do, with the best possible outcome.
  3. Live the life you dream of. Don’t wait for the dream to appear, or drop in your lap. Make it happen. If you want to grow veg and have a garden, plant herbs in a pot on your window and start there. If you want to be fitter, then download a fitness app and start today. 

How do you currently deal with excuses? How do you feel when others give excuses to you? Let me know in the comments below. If this has tickled your soul then share it with your loved one.

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