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Free De-Stressing…Yes Please!

How do you feel when you are out in nature, walking through the woods, standing barefoot on the grass in the park or on sand, or when dipping your feet in the sea? My guess is most of us would say it makes us feel relaxed. Some use the expression ‘grounded’.

It’s not just wowoo and stuff for hippies, there is a scientific reason for this. Nature is filled with negative ions that help to balance our ever-increasingly positive charged bodies as we live more unnatural lives surrounded by higher levels of electric smog. Our disconnection from nature changes the electric charge in our body and we can become too positively charged, making us feel fatigued. 

There is now a growing body of evidence that walking barefoot on the earth (known as grounding or earthing) can reduce oxidative stress, as well as lowering stress and inflammation in the body. Most of us notice that the more time we spend in nature, the better we sleep and generally feel a sense of calmness. 

Early man and woman would have accessed this as they walked around barefoot in their daily lives, but modern humans spend very little time connected barefoot to the earth. Our skin is a massive conductor, so if we put our bare foot on the earth we can access all of the delicious negative ions available to help rebalance the body’s electrical charge. 

It’s now possible to buy all kinds of fancy equipment to install in the home to connect beds and chairs to earthing energy. But why spend this money when nature is free? Most of us have access to nature even if it’s just a small path of grass in the garden or a local park. So, would you like to access free medicine from nature that can help make you sleep better, balance hormones, reduce pain and bring down inflammation in the body? I think I hear a loud yes from you all…

Then here is my invitation:

Get outside into nature. Go to your local park, beach or woodlands. Take off your shoes and socks (taking care to make sure the patch you have chosen has no hazardous objects!), place your feet on the ground and take three deep breaths in and out, then walk around consciously feeling that free medicine beneath your feet.

If you’d like to learn more about grounding and earthing, I highly recommend this documentary:

Let me know how this made you feel! Did you get outside and accept the invite? I’d love it if you felt able to share your experiences in the comments below, to inspire others to take action and get out in nature.

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