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How to Connect?

Our health is a reflection of how we connect to ourselves, as well as how we connect to others and to the earth. We are surrounded with the elements of life and everything is connected. Every wave in the ocean creates the sea, every tree joins together to create the forest. We join together to create a community. 

Elements of life are all around us. Scientists have recently recognised that trees are connected to each other, the mycelium in the earth beneath them acting like telephone wires allowing them to communicate with each other. The trees pass nutrients through this network for mutual support, even warning one another if there’s an insect attack. Likewise, when we walk into a room, we connect to the energy both of the room itself and any beings in there. Most of us have experienced this. You may have walked into a room and sensed there has been an argument or sensed fun and laughter.

To heal, we have to be connected to our body, mind and the planet. Every cell in our body has to be connected. Imagine if our bowels decided not to talk to our liver – suddenly our nutrients wouldn’t get to our liver and wouldn’t travel through our internal rivers (blood). We are each cell in our bodies, as our cells join together to create our tissues, our tissues join together to create our organs, our organs join together to create our systems and our systems join together to create us! What’s going on inside of us is going on outside of us and vice versa – the microcosm macrocosm effect.

Dehydration is the simplest form of disconnection, as the cell membrane shuts down to save the water inside the cell. In the process of going into dehydration alert, the cells become disconnected and cut off from the cells around them, resulting in the person feeling dark, cut off and isolated. Cancer cells are an extreme form of disconnection, with the cell become dark and cut off. In many of my case studies, I have noticed that people I have observed with cancer may be disconnected from their life, or an experience has made them feel disconnected, isolated or alone, which is mirroring how their cells are feeling.

Now more than ever, we need to connect. So, I have set out three suggestions for ways you can add connection into your life, even during a lock-down. The most important thing is to connect in the following three ways: with ourselves, with others, and with the earth. Like permaculture, we want to split connection into zones and always start with zone one:

  • Connect to zone one: Affirmations to connect to yourself. Use mirror work gifted to us by the late mother of affirmation, Louise Hay. Look in the mirror and say ‘I love you’, look deep into your eyes in the mirror and again say ‘I LOVE you (your name), I REALLY, REALLY love you’. Really look into your soul and reprogramme your brain and say ‘I love you (your name)’. Say this as often as possible into the mirror, but aim for three times a day, each time speaking the words three times. You can use the mirror in the bathroom, a compact mirror or the selfie mode on your phone.
  • Connect to zone two – Make time in your life to connect with people who excite you, really raise your vibration and get you enthused about life. Who are the people in your life you find tend to increase your vibration and energy? Write a list and connect with them. This could be digitally, through writing a letter or in person. 
  • Connect to zone three – Connect with your ears. Make time for nature. Stand outside barefoot and listen to the sounds of nature. 


So, it’s as simple as one, two, three. Spread this love of connection and share this post out into the wider world. 

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