Natural Herbalism Over Thirteen Moons

A Year Long Herbalism Course - Meet Up In Person and Spend a Day Together Every Month

Learn how to make your own herbal medicine, reduce your medicine miles, whilst working in harmony with the seasons and the land.

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Are You Ready to Meet the Plants, Create Your Own Herbal Medicine and Reduce Your Medicine Miles?

Join me in my garden, woods and yurt classroom every month for the next thirteen months. Each month we will explore what plants are in season and how to connect and work with these plants. You will learn how to create medicine from the herbs on the land.

What Will I Learn and Experience

Herbalism was always passed down from generation to generation but during the burning of the witches the knowledge literally got burnt out of women. This course will help you to feel reconnected to the plants and feel empowered by the wisdom these plants offer us.

My passion is to empower you with the knowledge and wisdom I have gathered from the plants. I would say that we are all born herbalists but we don’t always have access to the wisdom to invite our inner herbalist out into the world to play.

As a child did you fill jars with flowers and berries, talk and sing to the plants. Is it time for you to reconnect to your roots? Connecting to the plants is in us but we just need time and this course gives you that time as you will be dedicating a whole day a month to the plants!

For thirteen moons we will meet around the full moon to explore making herbals medicines and you will discover the joy of:

  • Herbal Tinctures
  • Herbal Infused Oils
  • Herbal Vinegars
  • Herbal Salts
  • Herbal Balms
  • Herbal Enemas
  • Herbal Foot Soaks
  • Herbal Body Brushing
  • Herbal Capsules
  • Herbal Teas
  • Herbal Infusions
  • Herbal Elixirs
  • Herbal Oxymel
  • Herbal Poultices
  • Drying and Curing Herbs
  • Cultivating Herbs
  • Foraging for Herbs
  • Herbal Meditations
  • Herbal Journeys

And so much more…

When and Where is The Course Taught?

Each month you are invited to join me on the land that I live on and play with the plants in my garden and woodlands. I live in West Wales and if you are not local you have the choice of amazing local air bnb places to treat yourself to each month.

We will be working together outside, in the garden, woods, polytunnel and in my yurt classroom. The focus of each session is to explore what herbs are in season and connect with the plants. We will be learning to connect with the plants on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Over the thirteen moons you will build up a relationship with each plant and be invited to continue this friendship throughout the month.

To support you in-between each session you will have access to online videos and meditations to deepen your connection. This course is not about getting to know as many herbs as possible it is about taking the time to know and connect with all aspects of each plant you choose to work with.

What Are The Dates for Each Session?

  • Session One – May the 13th 2023
  • Session Two – June the 10th 2023
  • Session Three – July the 1st 2023
  • Session Four – August the 12th 2023
  • Session Five – September the 16th 2023
  • Session Six – October the 28th 2023
  • Session Seven – November the 18th 2023
  • Session Eight – December the 9th 2023
  • Session Nine – January the 20th 2024
  • Session Ten – February the 24th 2024
  • Session Eleven – March the 23rd 2024
  • Session Twelve – April the 20th 2024
  • Session Thirteen – Celebrate with a full weekend including an overnight camping session – May the 18th and May the 19th 2024

Who Is This Course For and Who It Is Not For?

This course is for you if you:

  • Feel an earning to connect with the plants and nature
  • Love having your hands in the earth
  • Want to learn how to work with the herbs and make medicine
  • Want to understand the medicinal qualities of plants and how they work in the body-mind.
  • Feel a desire to spend more time getting to know the plants
  • Love being out in nature no matter what the weather is like
  • Feel comfortable walking through gardens and woodlands
  • Love spending time off-grid and getting back to nature, including compost toilets!

This course is not for you if you:

  • Hate getting your hands or clothes covered in earth
  • Feel that connecting to the plants and the earth is not your thing
  • Find it uncomfortable to walk through gardens and woodlands or generally being outside
  • Struggle to be outside apart from when the weather is sunny and hot
  • Need the luxuries of electricity and flushable toilets to feel comfortable


  • You may feel more confident
  • You may have more energy
  • You may experience improved concentration
  • You may feel more vibrant
  • You may feel brighter
  • You may be filled with love
  • You may feel blissed out
  • You may feel like you have a whole new bunch of friends!

SIGN UP F0R £1111 FOR THE WHOLE THIRTEEN MONTHS = £85 each month. Save £124 when you pay in one payment.

Monthly Payment Plan Over Thirteen Months = £95 a month - Click 'Sign Up Here' below to sign up to the payment plan or pay in full.


Salena Walker: I am a fully qualified Herbalist, Naturopath and Nutritionist, living on ten acres of land with my partner, with whom I built a wooden cabin at the edge of our woodland. This is our permanent home and the centre of our natural lifestyle. My mission in life is to connect others to their internal and external environment, focusing on connecting their body back to nature.

I feel as if I have been studying naturopathy and herbalism since a young child, as I explored making herbal infusions for hay fever, experimented with potions and spent time filling jars with petals and flowers.  I discovered the stillness and healing power of nature amongst the beautiful Welsh landscape in the Valleys of South Wales, where I grew up.

My real deep dive into the world of naturopathy and herbalism began back in 2008. I started to become very tired. In fact, the word ‘tired’ does not even begin to describe how I felt. Neither myself, nor my doctor, had any idea of what was wrong. I was finally diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Pernicious Anaemia. I believed the diagnosis, but was too stubborn to accept the prognosis. And so my journey began… I started my studies with the intention of learning, but eventually found the way to healing my autoimmune dis-ease and ended up becoming a practitioner, a naturopathic and herbalist teacher, writer and a motivational wellness speaker!

Plants have played a key role in my life journey. One of my main reasons for choosing to live in the woods is to be able to connect with the plants every day and night and throughout all seasons. Over the years I have lived on our land, I have reignited my love of the plants and I have cultivated deep friendships with the native plants. I love spending the days with my hands deep in the rich earth and I have spent years getting to know each plant as an individual being but also understanding their role in the whole plant kingdom.

I am passionate about living the naturopathic way, at one with nature. My hope is that I will inspire aspects of your own transformational journey. My aim is to empower people with the tools they need for their own healing journey, back to nature.

Qualifications and Professional Bodies:

Full Member of the Naturopathic Nutrition Association

Diploma in Advanced Herbalism

Advanced Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition

Practitioner Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition

Reiki Level 2 Practitioner

Fully Qualified Teacher – P.G.C.E. and N.Q.T. status.

SIGN UP F0R £1111 FOR THE WHOLE THIRTEEN MONTHS = £85 each month. Save £124 when you pay in one payment.

Monthly Payment Plan Over Thirteen Months = £95 a month - Click 'Sign Up Here' below to sign up to the payment plan or pay in full.



  • What happens after I pay?

You’ll receive a welcome email from me, letting you know the details about the course and how to log into the online element of the course dashboard. Please check your spam folder in case it goes in there!

  • Is this course only available in person?

At the moment this course is only available to do in person in the woods and gardens with Salena in West Wales. But we are working to get this course online for 2023

  • What happens if I can’t attend one of the dates?

Every month, in addition the face to face sessions I will also be posting videos and meditations online. So if you miss the session you can catch up online and continue your herbalist journey.

  • Is this course just for beginners?

This course is for both beginners and those wish to expand their herbal knowledge and connection to the plants. This course gives you the hands on experience that you may not have experienced from online courses. It also gives you the time to truly connect to the plants.

  • Am I a qualified herbalist after this course?

No, qualified herbalists spend many years training, take rigorous exams and have to complete clinical hours. This course could be used as a foundation to go onto further training. The focus of this course is on learning to connect to the plants and make medicine with the plants to help yourself and your loved ones in times of need.

  • What’s the refund policy?

Full payment reserves your place on a course. If you have to cancel your place due to exceptional circumstances you will be issued a credit that can be used for any course or products within the next 24 months.

Salena’s passion for her topic was infectious and her teaching style won my cynical nature over relatively quickly. The course made me realise how far my diet had drifted from a balanced one.

Positive, motivating and refreshing. Salena just makes me believe I can achieve anything I set my mind to! An absolutely brilliant and truly inspiring teacher that I am forever grateful to have had the pleasure of being her student!

Salena is a natural when it comes to sharing her knowledge and gets the course content across in an easy to understand way, with great encouragement and humour.

Salena “talks the talk and walks the walk”.....I would recommend Salena and the course to anyone wishing to revolutionise their physical and psychological health. It’s been a sea-change in my life and I am truly grateful for it

Are You Ready to Learn How to Make Your Own Herbal Medicine

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Choose a monthly payment plan over thirteen months = £95 a month.

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