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I attended the course as I knew my diet was possibly causing allergies (sinusitis which made it feel like my eyes were being pushed of my head) and increasingly I was feeling tired and irritable. I had done my research prior to booking the course and knew that Salena was an excellent teacher and knew her stuff from her own life experiences and her naturopathy practice.

As a dedicated meat eater I was not looking forward to the ‘delicious plant based’ lunches offered on the course and packed some sandwiches as an emergency back up. The course was delivered in an informative and engaging manner, all questions and disagreements were meet with warmth and respect, no matter how challenging. Salena’s passion for her topic was infectious and her teaching style won my cynical nature over relatively quickly.

The course made me realise how far my diet had drifted from a balanced one. Throughout the course there was enough science to back up the claims and Salena left us to make our minds up on matters evidenced by anecdote but not scientific fact. I never did eat my sandwiches, as the freshly food prepared was delicious and I found myself looking forward to the food breaks.

I have not adopted a fully plant based diet but began applying the same principles and respect to the animals I kept in my diet and ensured that they had a natural diet, high welfare standards and a respectful end. I eat materially less animal protein, thoroughly enjoy my plans based meals and only feel my eyes pushing out of my head when I foolishly relapse and then I am armed with the practices on the course to quickly detox myself and not endure weeks of pain.

My wife tells my I am a much more fun and pleasurable person to be around. I guess I always knew the saying ‘you are what you eat’ but not until this course did the light come on and I realise the lack of respect I was showing my body and mind in pursuit of foods which now taste pretty ordinary or affect my body and mind in a negative way.

Julian Alexander

Positive, motivating and refreshing. Salena just makes me believe I can achieve anything I set my mind to! An absolutely brilliant and truly inspiring teacher that I am forever grateful to have had the pleasure of being her student!

(It’s true! I bleddy loves ‘er! ??)

Rosie Farrar

Having always had an interest in healthy eating and helping my body as naturally as possible, I very keenly signed up to Salena’s Health on a Plate Course (The Nutritional Healing Foundation). It’s taken my knowledge to a whole other level.

To understand what impact foods have at a cellular level has changed the way I view foods. Once known you cannot unknow!

Salena is a natural when it comes to sharing her knowledge and gets the course content across in an easy to understand way, with great encouragement and humour.

Knowing she follows what she ‘preaches’ following her own journey to health, then spurred me on to consult with her on a personal level. Having lived with ‘controlling’ health conditions for years and more recently having undergone several major surgeries I wanted to really be in control of my healing at a totally natural level. Within a couple of weeks of following the naturopathic techniques shown to me by Salena, I was able to stop the final prescription medications I was still taking (the side effects of which had been affecting me quite negatively). With mindful supplementation, following the many and varied techniques and eating a diet rich in the foods MY body needs I am, at last, feeling more myself, with more energy and a feeling of ‘wellness’ I’ve not experienced for years.

My journey, with Salena continues. I’m enjoying the knowledge, love and the health this journey is bringing.

Andromeda Davies

I was looking to improve my physical health and general wellbeing through the “Health on a plate” course. Salena proved to be an extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic tutor; her sessions were lively, well-prepared and rooted in research and her personal experience.

The 8-week course was enjoyable, informative with plenty of practical demonstrations and suggestions regarding ways to implement new ideas. The intervening time between sessions facilitated consolidation of learning and opportunities to try out some of the ideas introduced.

As well as providing a foundational knowledge, Salena provided notes and references and offered the loan of relevant textbooks so that students could follow up sessions with additional reading.

Salena “talks the talk and walks the walk”…..I would recommend Salena and the course to anyone wishing to revolutionise their physical and psychological health. It’s been a sea-change in my life and I am truly grateful for it.

Annette Hood

Salena was the last missing link for me having the tools and knowledge to take my health to the next level. All those unanswered questions became answered and all the confusion left after 3 days with salena.

I had no idea the importance of hydration and this has changed my life beyond recognition. I had heard that it was important to be hydrated but to have it explained on a cellular level and for it to be made exciting…… well what a gift to this world she really is.

She needs to be universities teaching the lecturers how to make information fascinating rather than putting you to sleep – trust me I did a biology degree and science was never fun until I did her course.

She also needs to be in schools, teaching these tools to our children. So many people are stuck in a chain of ill-health due to ill-information being peddled by food brands and catchy advertising. If children had this information early on then when they became ill in life perhaps they would remember this information and it could save their life.

It’s that serious, this topic is the difference between life and death. The difference between health and illness. Surely every person should get to decide how to live their life and be equipped with the right tools to make their own decisions.

Food technology was a ‘once a term’ lesson in my school and it was lame…. nothing about Salena is lame! In fact she is the opposite, she is fun, enthusiastic, vibrant, bright, charming, witty, smart, humble, encouraging, loving, friendly and simply wonderful. What a breath of healthy, sweet fresh air she is. Love her!!!!

Etta Happe

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