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Why Do I Live Off Grid?

I am in deep gratitude to an Internet troll on Instagram, who told me that, because I use the Internet, I am a shame to the off grid movement. I explained that I had a phone for family emergencies and I use the Internet for work. But it soon became apparent that this guy viewed being off grid as fighting the system, including having no bank account and not accessing any services. His assumptions about the way I live made me question myself.

For me, it is not to do with stepping outside of the system, it’s about connecting to the biggest system of all – the universe and the earth. It’s not about disconnecting, it’s about connecting to the elements around me and appreciating all of the elements working in harmony with my life. 

I don’t want to live a life where I am constantly taking from the grid. I want to live life in appreciation of the sun giving me electricity, for the rain giving me water in my water tanks, for every single element, because all elements are energy. I soon came to the conclusion that the reason I live off grid is not to disconnect, it’s to connect to the biggest elements of all. 

A close friend of mine, Brigit Strawbridge-Howard, used to practice grid-free Sundays, which involved not using anything that was connected to the grid for the entire day. She would do without electricity, use candles for light and cook on the wood burner. This way, she also reclaimed her Sunday as a day of rest.

I invite you to start an off grid Sunday, or any other day of the week – or if that sounds too much (especially if you don’t have a wood burner!) maybe an off grid day a month, or even an off grid morning or evening. I’d love to hear about your off grid adventures in the comments below. Remember, sometimes you have to disconnect to reconnect.


2 thoughts on “Why Do I Live Off Grid?

  1. I plan to live in the country soon. I wouldn’t say it would be off the grid, I want to be self sustaining. I don’t want to depend on government etc. for my existence. I want to live in the way I feel that God intended for us to live before the apple was eaten. I picture a beautiful garden and peace. Our world has become so evil. If you hear about all the things going on in America because of one man “Trump” you would want to run and hide away to. I am researching right now about plants for medicine and beauty. I still want people in my life but I don’t want to need people in my life if you can understand that. I have purchased 40 acres with my adult children. We are all going to nature together. I am leaving a career as a CT technition at a cancer center and they are leaving the military. We are ready to chill out and enjoy the world God made. I have really enjoyed your videos. I would love to learn more on salves and teas. I have a really big problem with my bowels and I think it’s due to stress. My husband has low platelets and bowel problems. My daughter suffer terribly with migraine headaches. We are ready for nature. Thank you for your videos. They make me so excited to learn and start a new life.

    1. Thank you for watching my videos and I wish you luck on your adventures in the country. Keep hold of the excitement and gratitude and you can do anything in life!

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