All of the courses below are held at Narberth Natural Health Centre in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.

These courses are hands on and therefore only have a very limited number of places available so please book your space as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Learn the Art of Raw Chocolate Making

Learn the Art of Raw Chocolate Making – 10am – 3pm 

Including lunch – £65

What’s the difference between raw chocolate and regular chocolate, is all chocolate the same? 

This course will show you the difference and you will be given the good news… chocolate can be good for you. You’ll discover the basics of raw chocolate making, without the need for any fancy equipment and the do’s and don’t of working with raw chocolate to ensure each batch sets perfect and you can impress your friends and family with delicious and nutritious chocolate. 

We will cover:

  • How to work with cacao
  • Plant based syrups and sugars
  • Basic raw chocolate recipe
  • How to make individual chocolate hearts
  • How to make a chocolate slab
  • How to temper your chocolate to make long lasting chocolate with the perfect shine and snap 
  • Textures and the world of colours
  • Where to source your ingredients

Throughout the day we will be using pure organic ingredients, using simple recipes that are full of flavour. You will be going home with a delicious box of raw chocolate that you have made throughout the course…that’s if they make it home!

This day is hands on and focuses on empowering you with the skills to make all of your own delicious, tasty and nutritious raw chocolate in the comfort of your own kitchen. All ingredients we use is vegan, gluten free, sugar cane free and dairy free. There will also be an option to make recipes suitable for those on a ketogenic diet. 

Salena’s vision is to be able to grow all of the plant sweeteners for her own chocolate and cakes on her beautiful land called Ysbryd y Coed in Wales and on this day Salena will share the wonders of yacon with you. Salena has spent the last number of years developing the perfect tempered raw chocolate syrup recipe and she will be sharing this secret recipe with you on the day, along with the tempering process for plant-based sugars.

“I look forward to meeting you and indulging in the beautiful cacao bean together x”

Salena Walker

Date: Saturday the 9th of November 2019



HEALTH ON A PLATE – 20 Hour Course – £299

Run over two weekends including lunch

Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th September

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October

10am – 4pm 

Certified by the Nutritional Healing Foundation.

Be inspired to create great and long lasting health.!

If you have a have a hectic lifestyle, feel overwhelmed, are manifesting any illness, have low energy or high anxiety, are interested in preventative medicine & health creation then this course is for you!

The course will open your eyes to choices, educate you about nutrient content in foods, teach you how to improve your body’s ability to absorb and use nutrients.

We will cover:

  • The principles of naturopathic nutrition
  • Aspects of hydration
  • Beneficial oils and fats
  • A basic therapeutic diet
  • Eating with the Laws of Nature
  • Purposeful supplementation
  • Naturopathic techniques and much more….

Over a short period of time the course will teach you a set of simple yet powerful strategies to help you create an environment where every cell in your body can thrive!

£299 for the full course – payment instalments may be negotiated with us.



Learn How to Make Raw Cakes

Learn How to Make Raw Cakes – 10am – 3pm £65

Including lunch – £65


Learn How to Make Raw Cakes. All recipes are vegan, gluten free and sugar cane free. So you can have your cake and eat it!

Learn how to make cake that needs no cooking, that’s good for you and tastes amazing!

I will introduce you to the joy of raw cake. No more worrying about cakes rising or heat spots in ovens. All of the cakes you will learn to make are totally risk free… If you make a mistake you can remix and start again with no wastage of ingredients or learn how reinvent mistakes into scrumptious delights. 

We will explore the world of plant sweeteners together to totally demystify the world of plant syrups and sugars, giving you the opportunity to try a variety of options to find out what tickles your taste-buds.

This day is hands on and focuses on empowering you with the skills to make all of your own delicious, tasty and nutritious raw cakes in the comfort of your own kitchen. You will leave with a range of recipes and a taster box of your raw cake creations…

“I look forward to meeting you and making delicious raw cakes together x”

Salena Walker

Date: Saturday the 23rd November


All payments are non-refundable

All courses are held at Narberth Natural Health Centre