Learn How To Make Raw Chocolate

An Online Course Teaching You The Magic of Raw Chocolate Making


Are You Ready to Learn How to Make Raw Chocolate?


Are You Ready to Make Delicious and Nutritious Chocolate?

Join me in the woods and let's make raw chocolate together. I'll show you that you can make chocolate with just a few bowls, a candle, a spoon and an ice cube tray. No fancy equipment necessary. During the course, you'll get access to the following units:

Introduction to Raw Chocolate

In this unit you’ll get two e-books explaining the difference between regular chocolate and raw chocolate and what makes raw chocolate so magical. These e-books will take you through all the aspects of working with cacao, including information on the equipment we will be using.
You’ll also have access to videos in which I’ll talk you through all of the aspects of working with cacao, including all of the ingredients and equipment. You will learn that all you need is a couple of bowls, a saucepan and an ice cube tray – making raw chocolate can be that simple!

Drinking Cacao

The perfect way to start your journey with cacao is to learn how to make cacao-filled drinks. In this e-book, you will find recipes for warm cacao drinks and cacao smoothies, along with ideas on how to swap ingredients and make them suitable for a ketogenic diet.


The videos in this section walk you through the process of making a cacao smoothie and a cacao warm drink. So come and have a cuppa with me in the woods!

The Basics of Making Chocolate

This is where the excitement really starts to happen and we get to the making of the chocolates. Now you have all you need to know about working with cacao, and you have explored making cacao drinks, it’s time to get onto the good stuff… chocolate! You’ll get two e-books introducing you to the world of plant-based sweeteners and what options are out there, along with another introducing you to a whole host of superfoods that play well with cacao.


I’ll teach you all about plant-based sweeteners, so you know how to look out for the good ones, and I’ll take you down into my own garden to show you sweeteners that can be grown in even the smallest space! There is a video to support you with each step of your first raw chocolate making session.

Fillings and Flavours

Now it’s time to explore your inner artist and start to spice up your raw chocolate recipes with flavours and fillings. This e-book will give you loads of ideas to tickle your taste buds.
These videos will show you how easy it is to add fillings and flavours to your raw chocolate creations. Watch me create almond butter fillings and sweet orange chocolates to get your ideas flowing in your own kitchen.

Time to go Pro - Learn How to Temper!

Now you are going pro! Have you ever wondered why sometimes your chocolate is shiny and snappy and other times it’s not? It all comes down to a process known as tempering. Tempering enables chocolate to be shelf stable and this e-book gives you the process that I have used for the last ten years.
To help you fully understand the tempering process, I go through the whole journey in a series of videos. If I can do this outside in the woods, you can do this in your kitchen!

Textures and Colours

Let’s take it up another notch and start exploring different coloured chocolates and adding textures. this e-book is full of recipes and ideas – and I even share with you my famous white raw chocolate recipe!
It’s play time, so get your brushes and sponges out as now it’s time to have fun and add splurges, swirls and splashes of different colours onto your raw chocolate creations.


This e-book bonus is for you to explore the spirit of cacao and create your own ceremony at home. Drinking cacao in ceremony connects us to our inner heart and guidance. In this e-book I share a cacao ceremony with you, to inspire you to start working with and consciously explore drinking cacao through ceremony.
As you become a confident raw chocolatiere you will want to start sharing your delicious and nutritious treats with friends and family. It also means that you will constantly have the ability to hand-make edible gifts for your loved ones for their birthdays and holiday seasons.This e-book bonus will share with you gift ideas, different ideas to wrap the chocolate gifts and how to keep the chocolates fresh and food safety considerations.


  • Overall, you may feel better
  • You may have more energy
  • You may experience improved concentration
  • You may feel more vibrant
  • You may feel brighter
  • You may be filled with love
  • You may have an increased sex drive
  • You may feel blissed out


Are You Ready to Learn How to Make Raw Chocolate?


Who will be my guide on this fantastic healing journey?

Salena Walker: I am a fully qualified Naturopathic Nutritionist, living on ten acres of land with my partner, with whom I am currently building a wooden cabin at the edge of our woodland. This will be a permanent home and the centre of our natural lifestyle. My mission in life is to connect others to their internal and external environment, focusing on what they drink, eat, breathe, think – and even excrete! 

I feel as if I have been studying naturopathy and nutrition since a young child, as I explored the differences I could make through my food choices and discovered the stillness of nature amongst the beautiful Welsh landscape in the Valleys of South Wales, where I grew up.

My real deep dive into the world of naturopathy and nutrition began back in 2008. I started to become very tired. In fact, the word ‘tired’ does not even begin to describe how I felt. Neither myself, nor my doctor, had any idea of what was wrong. I was finally diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Pernicious Anaemia. I believed the diagnosis, but was too stubborn to accept the prognosis. And so my journey began… I started my studies with the intention of learning, but eventually found the way to healing my autoimmune dis-ease and ended up becoming a practitioner, a naturopathic teacher, writer and a motivational wellness speaker!

Raw chocolate has played a key role throughout all aspects of my journey, and I have been creating and teaching about raw chocolate for ten years. I successfully run my own raw chocolate business selling to local delicatessens and to customers all over the UK through my online shop.

I am passionate about living the naturopathic way, at one with nature. My hope is that it will also inspire aspects of your own transformational journey. My aim is to empower people with the tools they need for their own healing journey.

Qualifications and Professional Bodies:

Full Member of the Naturopathic Nutrition Association

Diploma in Advanced Herbalism

Advanced Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition

Practitioner Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition

Reiki Level 2 Practitioner

Fully Qualified Teacher – P.G.C.E. and N.Q.T. status.

Salena Walker is a fully qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist and is a Full Member of the Naturopathic Nutrition Association. For more information about Salena Walker go to:







Are You Ready to Learn How to Make Raw Chocolate?



  • What happens after I pay?

You’ll receive a welcome email from me, letting you know how to log into your new course dashboard and start your raw chocolate learning journey. Please check your spam folder in case it goes in there!

  • Can I go through the course at my own pace?

The course has been developed to suit all kinds of lifestyles, so you don’t feel overwhelmed and you can celebrate at each step of the way with chocolate! There is no time limit on this course. You have life-time access to the whole course and you’ll also have access to any new course materials and future bonuses.

  • Is this course just for beginners?

This course is both for beginners and those wish to expand their raw chocolate making recipes. This course helps you to gain the confidence to explore flavours, fillings, colours and textures in your raw chocolate creations and it even covers raw white chocolate!

  • What’s the refund policy?

You are going to love making raw chocolate, but if for any reason you are not satisfied, I do provide a 30-day happiness guarantee.

Salena’s passion for her topic was infectious and her teaching style won my cynical nature over relatively quickly. The course made me realise how far my diet had drifted from a balanced one.

Positive, motivating and refreshing. Salena just makes me believe I can achieve anything I set my mind to! An absolutely brilliant and truly inspiring teacher that I am forever grateful to have had the pleasure of being her student!

Salena is a natural when it comes to sharing her knowledge and gets the course content across in an easy to understand way, with great encouragement and humour.

Salena “talks the talk and walks the walk”.....I would recommend Salena and the course to anyone wishing to revolutionise their physical and psychological health. It’s been a sea-change in my life and I am truly grateful for it

Are You Ready to Learn How to Make Raw Chocolate?

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