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Stay Healthy on the Move

When I attend different events around the country, I often end up travelling for long periods of time and staying in hotels. It’s at times like these that planning is vital, as your body is dealing with the stress of travelling – remember stress causes dehydration and dehydration causes stress. To help your body stay off the dehydrating stress roundabout, you want to do your best to stay clear of unhealthy food and chlorinated water. So I am going to share my tips with you to ensure you can stay energised and feel alive when you are away from home.

Check out my top five tips for staying healthy on the move:

1. Google it up

Spend a little time before you travel to google local health food stores and juice bars. When I was at a writing workshop, I discovered Big Juice Bar Bristol was within walking distance, so for lunch each day I had a delicious and nutritious green smoothie. Then each evening I visited the Better Food health store on the way back to the hotel to collect a delicious array of raw salad, raw nut butters and crackers for a hotel picnic

2. Whizz it up

If I have space in my bag, I take a stick blender and tall beaker. Then all I have to do is find a local shop and purchase some (hopefully) organic fruit and vegetables, along with plant-based mylk and I can have a meal in a glass – a sumptuous smoothie.

3. Coconut oil

I always take a small jar of coconut oil, as most hotel rooms have little sachets of sugar in their tea and coffee making facilities. Time to get scrubbing and give your lymph some love! Use a teaspoon and, in a cup, squish the sugar into some coconut oil. Take this into the shower with you and you have the perfect body scrub to wash away old skin cells and get the lymph moving…hello radiant you.

You can also use the coconut oil to moisturise your skin and add a dollop to your smoothies. I find coconut oil so multi-useful it really is a must on all trips away!

4. Bottled water

As soon as you arrive at the hotel (it’s best to try to book a room that is quiet and with a bath), then find the nearest shop and stock up on bottled water. This enables you to avoid having to use chlorinated tap water. Always look for glass bottles, or better still, purchase a reusable water bottle with a built-in filter to filter out the chlorine.

5. Get the bad stuff out

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and I end up eating something that irritates my digestive system or I get very stressed. In these cases, my knight in shining armour is my portable enema kit. It packs away really small and allows me to have my own portable treatment…time to turn my hotel bathroom into a retreat.

Do you have any tips for staying healthy when you are away from home? If you do, I would love to hear your suggestions! Please leave them in a comment below.


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