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A Guided Tour of My Life

Many of you that have been following me for some time know that my lifestyle has been one of the main parts of my medicine in my healing journey. Back in 2013, my partner and I decided to quit our jobs and our life-style and purchase ten acres of land in the wild west of Wales, in the UK.

To be able to build on our land, we obtained planning permission through the Welsh Government policy known as One Planet Development. This meant that we had to tie all aspects of our life to the land. We had to meet all of our essential needs, either by growing or earning money to purchase what we needed. Over the years, I have been irritated, rebelled, had my buttons pushed like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve hated it, loved it and I now realise how important every step of the journey has been.

I would not be the person I am today without it. My partner and I would not have the relationship we have today if we haven’t been stuck in a touring caravan (two meters by five meters) together for six years. I’m thinking of setting it up the caravan as relationship counselling. Throw a couple in there for a year and see what happens! That could be my land-based business! (Don’t worry, only joking!)

We have now been living on our land for three and a half years. We get our electricity from the sun, our heat from the wood in our woodlands, food from the garden and we earn money from the land. We are now almost ready to move into the cabin we have built. This was all just a dream ten years ago. Back then, I was still suffering from an autoimmune disease – pernicious anaemia – and finding it difficult just to walk to my allotment. Now I am looking after ten acres of land and building our house. Some days I have to pinch myself. Some days I have to give myself a mental slap to stop getting stuck in old belief systems, and some days I just drink cacao and smile because all of the blood, sweat and tears (and believe me there have been plenty!) are now finally starting to pay off.

Many of you have asked to see more of the place I live, and have said you would love to visit, so I thought I would bring it to you. Welcome to Ysbryd y Coed, which is Welsh for Spirit of the Trees. Check out the video below where I take you on a guided tour….

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