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Are You a Human Doing or a Human Being?

We sometimes forget that we humans are animals, just like the wildlife all around us. We have become human doings and forgot to just be! At the same time, we sometimes forget that we are natural beings and are meant to interact with a natural environment. Let me ask, how often do you interact with nature?

Whenever I go into the city on a sunny day, I am always amazed at how crammed the parks can be. In fact, any bit of grass is brimming with people enjoying a little bit of nature during their break. When it comes to the weekend, many of us crave a stroll in the woodlands, a visit to the beach, a walk up a mountain, or to make time to watch the sunrise or sunset. We all know, deep down, that nature creates a place of peace inside us. And one of the reasons for this is because we are part of nature… I am afraid there is no denying the fact that we are all animals!

You know that one of my passions is connecting our internal environment (our bodies) to our external environment (nature). I have noticed that the more we bring our internal environment back into balance (by drinking natural water, eating natural food, as well as thinking positively and excreting toxins), the more we crave that connection.

Many of you may not live amongst nature and will be thinking well, its ok for you, Salena, living in your woodland, you just have to open your door and you are there. Yes, that is the case – but it hasn’t always been like that. I grew up in a busy town in the South Wales Valleys, two streets away from the high street. I have lived in towns, cities and villages, but wherever I have lived, I have found my natural sanctuary. This was even more important when I lived in a city, as I NEEDED a haven away from busy city life. A place that I could go and just breathe and simply be a human being and just be.

This week, I am inviting you to connect with your own natural sanctuary. This could be your nearest beach, park, cave, woodland or your own garden… Wherever you feel safe, tranquil and peaceful. Take one moment this week away from your usual distractions of work, family, social media, Netflix… You know, all the stuff that keeps you a human doing, and go to your natural sanctuary and just be. You might find that all the answers you are looking for are inside you and all you simply need to do is listen. You may find inspiration amongst the trees or birds, or as the waves rush ashore.

I’d love to hear in the comments below what your natural sanctuary looks like and any little life wisdom moments you received while simply being there.

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