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Grow Your Own – Food Glorious Food

One of the positive things to come out of the current coronavirus crisis is that so many of us are starting to think about where our food comes from and also wanting to empower ourselves with the ability to grow our own food and nourish our bodies. This is very close to my heart, as I’ve loved having my hands in the earth from the time I was a little girl, following my dad around our little veg patch in our back garden, carrying my miniature blue watering can, pigtails swinging side to side. Ever since those days, I’ve been mesmerised by the way you can put a seed in the ground and it eventually becomes food in your belly!

Every year we had a big rhubarb weighing, as my dad would come in, proud as could be, with an armful of rhubarb. He’d put it on the weighing scales and my mum soon had a large pot of stewed rhubarb bubbling away, as she made crumble for all the family. And me? I just kept going back out the kitchen for another bowl of our home-grown stewed rhubarb! Fast forward thirty-odd years and I still have pigtails and the joy of growing food is still with me. I squeal with excitement every time one of my baby seeds breaks through the soil surface and I welcome them into the world like a proud mama. Plus, having your hands in the earth is now being proven to be a fantastic natural anti-depressant (link to article). Happiness is literally at the tips of our fingers!

No matter where I’ve lived, I have always grown food. Sometimes it was just a few pots on a windowsill, sometimes an allotment and sometimes just a few jars of sprouting seeds. Wherever you live there is always room for growing food in your life. I invite you to take part in this joyful journey as you follow the whole process from seed to your cells. I have recorded these two short videos just for you, to show you how to grow food in pots, in the garden and in a jar on your worktop at home.

The beauty about growing your own food is that you know exactly where the seeds have come from, what has been fed to the plants and what’s in the soil. You are part of the whole journey from seed to plate and then into your cells. So be inspired to grow your own organic food at home with no food miles. Once you’ve tasted home-grown you never go back….

If you have enjoyed this post then share it with your friends and family. Let me know in the comments below what you are growing and, if you are not already a member, head on over to my Facebook group ‘Healthy Body Healthy Mind Healthy Planet’. I’d love you to join in with the healthy tribe and share photos of your veggie babies and the delicious plant-based foods you make from them.

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