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How to Stay Motivated Every Day

Motivation and inspiration is so important. We need to have people we can connect with to lift us up, make us aim high and – more than anything – make us feel alive!

I love podcasts for this, as I can listen to them in my lunch break, while I’m making dinner, or gardening and exercising. I want to share with you my current favourite podcasts, as well as the reasons they tickle my soul.

The Ultimate Health Podcast – Hosted by Marni Wasserman and Jesse Chappus 

I love this as it contains so many topics related to health and I never know what joyous hints and tips I will be listening to. Even if I don’t feel drawn to the topic or person they are interviewing, I always receive plenty of motivation and inspiration from every episode. I highly recommend adding this one to your list.

The Marie Forleo Podcast – Hosted by New York Time bestselling author of ‘Everything is Figuroutable – Marie Forleo 

Her bag is business, but she is also a life coach and that comes across in all of her episodes and her choice of guests. The show is generally a recording of the Marie TV show, but they transfer really well to podcasts and always put a smile on my face. Her New Jersey style, sense of humour and fantastic interviewing skills always kick me back into shape and gets me thriving again.

Pioneering Today Podcast – Hosted by Melissa K Norris, a homesteader living in the North Cascade mountain range of Washington state 

If you love growing veggies, then this one is for you. Melissa shares hints and tips on growing, preserving, baking and cooking. They may not always be relevant to my lifestyle and eating choices, but I love her enthusiasm and the fact that she lives and breathes everything she talks about.

Online Marketing Made Easy – If you are looking at setting up an online business, then Amy Porterfield is your girl.

I learn so much from each episode, and each one gifts me with the knowledge I require to be able to share my message to all you beautiful people. It is all about learning to get your message out there to those who need it most.

The Dean Graziosi Show – This guy is so fired up!

I always come away from his podcasts bouncing to create a fantastic life and not just settling for OK. His podcasts are short and snappy, the perfect length to get you inspired while doing the dishes! Anyone who can do that is worth a listen, in my opinion!

The Model Health Show – One of the main things I love about this podcast is that each time I’m listening to it, I feel as if I am pulling up a chair and having a good chinwag with the host, Shawn Stevenson.

He makes you feel part of the conversation, as if you are one of his best mates. He covers a massive range of topics and his enthusiasm for health makes you hungry for more. Each week he blows me away with his knowledge, inspiration and ideas. 

So, this week, I invite you to check out different podcasts, maybe different from those you would normally go to, ones that can light you up, inspire you to keep pushing forward, and live the life of your dreams. If you would like, let me know about your own favourite podcasts in the comments below. 

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