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Step Into Your Dream Life NOW!

What do you dream about? Do you tell yourself “when such and such happens I will be happy?” What makes your heart sing?

Why wait for the perfect timing, when you can have a bit of your dream now. The way you get to do anything is to just do it. Time to start doing rather than thinking! How many times do we stop before we have even started, thinking about what might go wrong? We stress about the big things, even before we’ve started on the little ones, asking ourselves things like: What if I’m not successful? What if I have to move? What if I move away from my partner? What if I don’t make money? How will I pay the bills? What about my children?

So, let’s start with the little things.

When I was teaching full time in an Art College, I had finally achieved my dream job – but I knew there was something missing. It was only once I let go of all attachment to the person I had always thought I should be, that I was able to really free myself to find what, and who, I was truly meant to be.

When I look back, I can see that I was surrounded by clues. My bookshelf was full of self-help and food books. My podcasts were all from people doing what I wanted to do. Whenever I had any spare time, I would research health and nutrition online. My friends came to me for nutrition and advice, and people would open up to me in ways they frequently said they felt they couldn’t with their own family and friends, and I would often sense what was going on for others, even before they had told me. Then, bingo! I had my light bulb moment.

“I am here to inspire other people to thrive”.

Now, enough about me – how about you? What do you dream of doing and being? Take a look at your bookshelf: do you see any reoccurring themes? Who do you follow on social media? Who inspires you? Who brings out the jealousy in you? Who do you criticize? All of these are clues to your dreams.

So, I hear you cry, but you promised me my dream now! Slow down, Rome wasn’t built in a day and dreams don’t just appear, they take work. But, however long your dream takes, you can give yourself a part of it now. For example, if your dream is to inspire others to eat healthily, post photographs of your tasty, deliciously healthy meals on social media today and invite others to do the same. If you dream of moving to Bali, make yourself a delicious vibrant plant-based meal full of the foods from Bali, so bringing a bit of Bali to you. There is always some thing you can add into your life now that is part of your dream….

If you would like to share what you are going to add into your life to make your dream start now, I would love it if you feel you could put it in the comments below.

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One thought on “Step Into Your Dream Life NOW!

  1. Wise words and so true. I know what’s right! I just need to practice what I preach and follow the road to the destination I desire. To value myself enough to apply the rules to myself long enough to see the results I desire. the last piece of the puzzle?

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