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My Top Three Water Bottles, Whatever The Occassion

The solution to pollution is dilution. To keep our internal rivers flowing, we need to keep hydrated. I know this can be a challenge when we are out and about, so I have put together information on my own top three water bottles that help me keep hydrated, whatever the occasion.

  1. This is my new toy: the Berkey water bottle. It has stopped me from having to use plastic water bottles, which are not good for me, or the planet. This amazing little bottle comes with a built-in filter system, one that will even filter river water. So, no matter where you are, you can either use this bad boy to filter out chlorine from your regular tap water, or if you are trekking through the hills you can fill it with fresh water from the mountains.
  2. The Super Sparrow was life-changing for me, as it is insulated and comes with a carry case. The hardest decision about buying this brilliant bottle was choosing the colour! I spend a lot of time working outdoors and it can be difficult to stay hydrated in the winter if the only option is to drink really cold water. Super Sparrow to the rescue! This bottle allows you to put warm or hot water inside and keep it warm. It’s also much better to drink blood temperature water, as this enables the body to absorb it far more rapidly – a win-win situation.
  3. Time to super size your water solution? Then check out this super two-litre bottle. I love this, as it allows me to fill it in the morning with my delicious filtered spring water and then keep an eye on my water intake throughout the day. When I can see it, I find it much easier to reach my goal!

So there you have it. My top three water bottle suggestions to cover all aspects of everyday life. We need to be eliminating single use plastic water bottles, to benefit both ourselves and our planet. Remember, we are all one. Whatever we do to the earth will have an impact on us, too. Plastic is now everywhere, including inside of us, and we can make a choice not contribute any further to this problem.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any other water bottles you want to give a shout out to and share why you love them so much.

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