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Turn Your Home Into A Zen Den

Our homes should be a temple for our body-mind. A place we can come back to at the end of the day and feel relaxed and safe. Let me ask how peaceful and relaxing you find your house? 

Below are a few simple ideas to turn your house into a Zen den, so you feel your shoulders drop and your breath lengthen as you walk through the door.

  1. Plants – Bringing nature into your home has been shown to not only relax us but there are certain plants that actually detox the air, making it cleaner and more pure. My personal favourites are spider plants, aloe vera and rubber plants.
  1. Open your window – Most people have double-glazing and well-insulated homes, but this makes them non-breathable, so the air is just recirculated and becomes more positively charged with the electronic equipment and stale. Open a window. You don’t have to open it wide, just a bit to allow a flow of fresh air into your home and make it breathe.
  1. Clear your clutter – Do you look around and see mess? If you do, this can be stressful for the mind. If you are prone to be messy, have a mess box into which you clear everything away at the end of each day, so when you come home the following day it isn’t to find stuff everywhere. Once a week, commit to going through this box and putting everything away, otherwise, before you know it, the box will be full and the clutter will be spilling out again.
  1. Photographs of calm surroundings – Put up a few images of places that make you feel calm and relaxed. Things like the beach, rainbows or woodlands. These could be images of some of your favourite places, or some of your own photographs. Don’t put up too many, as you could end up cluttering up the space with images. Choose a few key locations (such as the hallway), so you’ll see them as soon as you come home. The kitchen is also a good place to keep you calm as your prepare food to nourish your body.
  1. Turn off the wifi and put your phone on aeroplane mode. Choose a switch-off time in the evening and turn off all electrical items and try to make your bedroom a phone, computer and TV free zone.
  1. Get a natural alarm clock. So you don’t have to have your phone by the side of your head at night, get yourself an alarm clock. You can get some clocks that mimic sunrise and wake you up gently with light and natural sounds, as if you are waking up surrounded by nature. 
  1. Use a salt lamp or ioniser to purify the air and rebalance the ions from all the electrical smog and EMF’s. Electrical equipment gives off positive ions that can result in us being too positively charged. The salt lamp helps to rebalance the ions in the air, with the added bonus of a relaxing orange light. My favourite are the non-electric salt lamps in which you place tea lights.
  1. Burn natural incense or essential oils to breathe in oils and incense that calm the body-mind. My particular favourite is Nag-Champa incense or patchouli, sandalwood, bergamot or sweet orange essential oils. 
  1. Natural candles – The soft light calms the mind and many of you may have experienced staring into a candle and going into a meditative state. Make sure you choose candles made from natural materials, as cheap candles are generally made from petroleum based products and this can give off fumes and smoke that have the opposite effect. 
  1. A safe place for all of the items you panic about. I’m forever leaving the house and spending ages looking for my keys, purse or phone! Have a safe box and get in a habit of putting your essential things in here after you have finished with them, so as you leave the house the stress is taken away as you’ll always know where they are. 

Have you decided to implement any of the suggestions into your home? If you have any extra suggestions please share in the comments below and help us all create our own personal Zen dens.

Remember, if this post tickles your soul then please feel free to share with friends and family. 

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