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Water Is Life

The earth is 70% water and, as adults, we also need to be around 70% water. Like the earth, we have our own inner population, which love and need water: our cells. There’s no denying it, some cells in our body (such as in the lungs) need to be composed of up to 90% water. Think of all those wet dark places in your body. How do they stay wet and damp?

Water is life. To be human is to be water. We start life as a foetus at 99% water. At birth, we are 90% water and this decreases to 70% by adulthood, while at death from old age it can drop down to 50%. This means that, throughout our lives, our pure existence is down to water and water is needed for every function inside our bodies.

An Invite to the Hydration Party

So, now it’s time to kick-start your natural thirst, and get you back in touch with your cells and with yourself. Let’s get this hydration party started!

Our body is constantly crying out to us for water, but at times we tend to mistake this for hunger and just eat. The next time you feel hungry, I invite you to have a glass of water and wait twenty minutes and see if the hunger feeling is still there.

So, what should I be drinking? Well, the simple answer is water. Our blood is not carried around the body in coffee or tea. So drink plain, still, clean water. If the only water you have access to is tap water, then look at getting a filter. Filters help to clear out the chlorine (and fluoride if this is added to water in your area), along with many other environmental pollutants. At home, I use the Berkey filter. You can also get a whole house filter, which will eliminate chlorine from all the water in your home.

And for when you are out and about, you can get yourself a water bottle and refill it. It’s now possible to get water bottles with an internal filter, which means you can refill your bottle with tap water. If you have to buy bottled water, always look for glass bottles, as you don’t want to pollute the environment with plastic bottles – or risk that the bottles have been left somewhere warm and parts of the plastic are in the water.

It’s time to hydrate, time to flow: time to get your body moving!

Start to make water part of your daily routine. If you don’t like its taste, try filtered water or adding a piece of lemon or cucumber. The main thing is to get water inside you.

I will leave you with a quote from Dr Masaru Emoto, which sums up how you will feel when you kick-start your natural thirst and become hydrated:

Moving, changing, flowing – this is what life is all about.

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