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The Big Health Lottery

When I began to become unwell, followed by being diagnosed with Pernicious Anaemia, I remember the reactions of those around me. People would turn their head on the side and ask, are you ok? I could see their negative outlook in their eyes. I was supposed to simply accept that my health lottery had been drawn. I had received the Pernicious Anaemia ball and that was that. People also told to me to expect other similar lottery balls now the first one had been drawn, things like, “my friend had Pernicious Anaemia and she went on to get thyroid problems and then cancer”. Thank you for kicking a girl when she is already down! I was looking for my health cheerleaders and realised there was a serious shortage of them in my life.

In my clinical practise, I often sit down with clients who tell me that they have been relatively fit and healthy up until now, and their current illness has come from no-where. They tend to make comments like “why me? It’s such bad luck!” But when I sit down and take their case history, and the full story is told, I can usually map out why their body has developed these symptoms.

Our health is all about our whole internal and external environment. It’s what we drink, eat, think and excrete. All of these play a role in how we feel. Dis-ease does not suddenly make its appearance as part of a story. That is why it is said cancer can take up to ten years to appear in the body. Nowadays, many people are so out of touch with their body that they don’t see simple changes. We get used to feeling low and it is only when we heal that we realise how unwell we have been.

In my own journey, I know I was eating relatively healthily, but my job at the time was demanding, with plenty of responsibilities that meant that I was often too busy to drink tea, let alone water. The only thoughts I had were stressful and some days my bowel movements would cause me so much pain I would be dripping in sweat and blacking out. Strange as it might sound, I totally didn’t see this at the time, mainly because I was stuck in the drama of the story.

We British are very good at asking each other how we are feeling, but we always answer with the same ‘I’m good’ or ‘I’m OK’. The first step to healing is acknowledging to yourself how you truly feel. I don’t mean getting stuck in story of being the victim of ill health, rather just being honest about the symptoms your body is giving you.

So, I invite you to take a couple of minutes to do a body scan. How are you feeling? Spend time on each part of your body and answer the following questions with honesty: “How does it feel?” and “What’s going on?” Tune in to your body. What is it that would truly make your body shine?

Now take time to commit to your health, your body and your cells. Post below your commitment. Say it out loud. Take the steps to get you thriving.

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